Our Projects

ATTERO - Balcke Durr

Jacqueline van Kan is hired by Balcke Durr for the Attero Project in Moerdijk until October 2020. 

NIRAS - Engie

Jaimie Biesmans is hired by Engie for the NIRAS Project until the end of 2021. 

IPM, the National institution for radioactive waste and enriched nuclear fuel will be building for the future. Jaimie is doing administration and safety tasks.

Coperion - Sabic Genk SGL-5 

For this project two of our people are hired. Jacqueline by Coperion  from November 2019 until May 2021 and Joyce from September 2020- October 2020. Placing a new production line.

KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH - Sabic Genk SGL-5 

For this project Joyce is hired from September 2019- May 2021. Placing a new production line.

Alegro Project Lixhe

 During this project we were hired by DEMOCO and ENGIE. The Alegro project in Lixhe is a convertor station and part of the electrical connection between Germany and Belgium.

Our people worked here as HSE Advisors and fulfilled the following tasks:


  • Making Method Statements and Risk Analyses
  • Following up on Permit procedures
  • Advising workers and projectmanagers on safety
  • Workplace HSE checks for Democo, Engie and their subcontractors
  • Register Subcontractors

Turnaround of Olefins4


Sabic is an international petrochemical company. With a productionlocation in Geleen (Chemelot). With 1800 employees, Sabic is an important employer in Limburg. In Geleen they make raw materials for the production of several plastics.

Turnaround of the olefins4, Naphtha cracker from Sabic in Geleen

Together with the HSE team of Sabic, the management, workers and our team from Engie, we succesfully finished the turnaround of the olefins4. It was an excellent team effort.

In Ham, Belgium, Nike has opened a new distribution center powered entirely by renewable energy – the latest milestone in Nike’s move to zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport.

Our people where involved in the build and worked as HSE Manager

Smulders, Antwerp

In Antwerp, Hoboken, with Smulders, The construction of windmill bases for Vattenfall.


ExxonMobile Rotterdam

ExxonMobile Rotterdam for Croon Wolter & Dros the expansion of the hydro cracker.


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